Saturday, October 11, 2008

Piazza del Signori

Thursday was my midterm review. It went pretty well and I think we all received good feedback to help us continue working on the project for the rest of the semester. Sadly, since we are at the middle of the semester, Professor Tanzer(taught grad studio and undergrad theory) will be leaving to go back to Gainesville and another will be coming for the second half. We all have truly enjoyed having her here and will miss her.

Last night all the grads invited her and her husband to a going away dinner. We went to a great little restaurant next to Hotel Due Mori that we had gone to our first night in town. I had a wonderful pumpkin soup and Spaghetti alle Vongole e Zucca(with clams and zucchini). Several bottles of wine and 2 hrs and 45 min later we went out to the Piazza del Signori to see a video concert we had heard about the night before. I think it is the 500th anniversary of Andrea Palladio, a very influential architect and the city projected a video accompanied by live music on the facade of the Basilica that is currently being restored. The film in total was about 30 minutes long and this first night there were live performers providing the music, other nights you heard a recording.

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