Sunday, October 12, 2008

fall break

Dark and early tomorrow morning I am headed to Rome for a week. Our entire class is going and I'm sure our days will be pretty jam packed with all the sights to see. The week after Rome is our fall break and I am very excited about the trip that I have planned. My friend Amy and I will be flying from Rome to Berlin next Friday and staying there until Monday morning. Then going to Prague, Vienna and Ljubljana for 2 days each. Matt and Cheech will be meeting up with us in Vienna after they go to Dublin for most of the week. My brother helped me plan the trip because I had very little time to plan myself with all the school work I have, plus he and my parents went to many cities in Eastern Europe for 3 weeks this summer so he is already familiar with some of the best things to do.

Well, I still have some packing to finish up but, I'll try to update/share pictures from internet cafes while I am gone!


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