Thursday, April 9, 2009

get excited and make things

With the Recession in full bloom, I'd recently had about enough of all the professors and professional architects who had come to speak to my class about the profession. Their responses to our job[less] concerns were to "Think outside the box. Get creative in your job search!"

Hearing this would only make me feel frustrated and overwhelmed. That was until I saw this article with this image:
It questions the designers role in the time of a depression and the impact the economy has on the world of design. How useful is the item? Can it be made to last longer? Could it solve more problems? Can it still be beautiful and practical? All issues that should be addressed at any time, not just during tough economic times.
At its heart, design is about problem-solving, but it’s also about problem-identifying. Instead of creating a need for things, designers can now focus on responding to things we do need. We may have never been confronted with as many problems as we are today; the blame for them can’t be attributed to designers, but many future solutions can — and will be.

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